data stocks

You are no Facebook or Google user.

Not a Netflix watcher. No Uber customer or

Amazon shopper. You are their product.

You are the product of your own information.

As a person, you have a particular way of responding to advertisements. You’ve got an opinion about politics or sustainability. You’ve got a social status; You are engaged, divorced, dating, not married yet, or you do not believe in marriage. You have a career, financial situation, and a health condition. It might not seem of great importance to you if you have rodents, cats, dogs, or no pets at all. However, for the data industry, these details are of great value.


You continuously leave traces of information. These are captured and analyzed by companies to extract knowledge on your (future) behavior. Currently, all these details about you are fragmented: Collected by different parties for different reasons. Your information is floating unregulated somewhere on a server — an inefficient and uncontrollable system.


The data stock is a speculative system designed to structure these data flows. It indicates the production of personal information, determines the value of behavior, and provides control for the producer of the data. Imagine this as a new infrastructure for data traffic. Currently, the data you produce on the server of Google will be directly stored and owned by Google. Envision what will happen if your data will be stored on your server, or in some decentralized cloud network, secured with your private key. Only shared with your consent. You will become the owner of your data stock. You can sell information to commercial parties, donate some for innovation or research, and lock them for specific institutions.


The Internet is a new era, and we are just exploring its possibilities. Data means opportunities to improve healthcare, infrastructure, education, and safety. It can improve our individual and collective environment, but we have to develop a system which does not support the abuse of privacy. Control over information is vital to maintain an autonomous identity and to secure a sustainable future of the Internet.


Data Stocks are inspired by the Stock Exchange. The value of information

is not permanent;  it fluctuates based on behavior, conditions, and needs.


The elements in The Attention Fair. show various applications of Data Stocks.


This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.



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A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


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