You are no Facebook or Google user.

Not a Netflix watcher. No Uber customer or

Amazon shopper. You are their product.

You are the product of your own information.

collect that one

game, 2-6 players


Play cards with online behavior. Ask for information about peoples’ health, conditions, purchases, habits, and objectives to collect complete data sets.

guess that one

game, 2 players


The data economy is all about categorizing behavior and stereotyping people. Just three behavioristics constructs a human profile. Guess which one your opponent has got.

bet on that one

game, single player


Using the Internet is a gamble with personal information: An ongoing slot machine, but you don’t insert a coin. Your bet is privacy.

that one for sale



We are the revenue model of the Internet. Our activities are being monitored to show targeted advertisements and to tailor content to our personality. But what will ads about these activities look like?

our collection of products



All types of products for sale in this store display.

that one inflates/ deflates



A pregnancy, new diet, less social media activities, injury, moving, looking for a flight ticket, or about to retire? It all affects the value of information.

are you that one?

exeriment, single player


Find out how much you are worth, as a product of information.

one click



835 privacy policies, accepted with just one-click on ‘got it.’

(www.dailymail.co.uk) Supported by the so-called Trusted Third Party Hosting Network (TTPHN).

visual policy



Privacy Policies: Legal jargon, written in paradox summations, lengthy sentences, and complicated vocabulary. Can we replace this for symbols and icons?




Use the language of Visual Policy to create a statement about (future) the use of your data.


This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.



explore the future of your data







A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


Studio Julia Janssen

[Art / Design & Research]

{Technology / Data & Identity}



privacy policy