The Internet has enriched our lives. Every day we become more connected with each other and with devices that are designed to make our lives comfortable and efficient. But because this online world has created many opportunities and excellent services, we quickly forget a critical attitude towards the corporations who develop them.

You might think that companies like Google, Amazon or Facebook provide a ‘free’ service. But is this service really for free? When you use these platforms, or other connected services – apps, websites, payments methods, loyalty cards, clouds etc. – you produce data. You provide these companies valuable insights about your preferences, needs, tastes, friends, fairs, and secrets. Information about you that is continuously monitored, stored, analyzed, combined and sold via numerous networks and deals between these businesses.

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Since the amount of data that we produce is ballooning, and details and intimacy within this information are increasing, so is the capital and power of big-tech companies. ‘Googling’ ‘Apping’ ‘Shopping’ and ‘Searching’ has become an act of labor. And the revenue goes directly in their pockets. The ‘free’ service they are offering is paid is with a special kind of currency: The currency of your online behavior. The currency of data. The data business has enslaved you.

You are a product of the data economy. You are a packaged profile of habits, choices, and desires. You are their product, sold for the highest offer. Left with no choice other than to accept, or (try) to exit.


The Attention Fair. has been a 15 months research into possible scenarios to claim ownership right of data for individuals, new methodologies for privacy policies and to determine the value of behavior. In a variety of games, experiments, and visuals you will learn about the data economy and speculate on the future of your online self.


How much is your attention worth?



All experiments are developed and designed to give insights in a specific area of this research. They are arranged in an order that they build up in complexity and innovative ways of thinking about this topic. Meaning 01/ is a simple introduction to the mechanics of data economy,  05/ is a more speculative approach on this research, and 10/ is an experimental method to work towards ownership rights of personal data.



The Attention Fair uses a specifically developed terminology. Here you can find an overview of these terms and their meaning in the context of this project, to better understand the symbols in the experiments and the explanatory text.


Product // you, me and everybody that produces data

Ingredients // all the types of data a product contains

Tranches // the classification of how valuable an ingredient can be

Co:i:n //the currency for personal data

 // the currency logo

Data stock //the system that calculates the value of your data

Product value // the sum value of all your ingredients. Your total value.


Value measurements

(   1,0 co:i:n

>   0,5 co:i:n

(>  1,5 co:i:n

exhibition at Dutch Design Week / 2018