What’s the value of your data? By answering intimate questions about your life, habits, social interactions, health and goals we can determine the exact amount of co:i:n you are currently worth, according to the data stock system.




We will determine the value of your data by a multiple choice game. The more accurate you answer these questions, the more specific your stock value will be. If your behavior doesn’t match any of the answers, please fill in ‘no interesting data’ (this might happen more often than you think, but don’t worry, your data will have value).


Keep in mind that the overall goal is defining your online behavior. When answering a question, consider the digital footprints you create; search results, website visits, transactions, online orders, online shopping, loyalty cards, social media, location tracking, hospital visits, subscriptions, and online registers are all part of your online behavior. Your data is everywhere.




‘Are you on a special diet?’

Think about:

–Do I order specific diet products?

–Do I search online for recipes?

/vegan /gluten-free /kosher, etc.

–Do I order specific cookbooks?

–Do I have apps that track specific

food patterns?

–Does my purchase history show that

I am actively avoiding specific products,

or switched to an alternative?

/hamburger to veggie-burger,

/milk to soy milk, etc.

exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2018