Bits of data on itself aren’t particularly interesting. For data to become valuable,  they have to be analyzed and combined to show patterns of behavior. The data economy is all about categorizing these patterns of behavior to stereotype a person. To understand and predict their behavior best. Think about; 'that one might be interested in buying a new expensive car,’ ‘that one might be easily persuaded into buying an anti-aging moisturizer,’ ‘that one shows an opportunity to become a vegetarian’ and ‘that one is an important influencer.’


This game shows how three ingredients (types of data) are combined to create a stereotyped product (person). You play with 24 products, all different combinations of ‘interesting’ behavior. By asking the other person questions ‘do you have that one…?’ You have to guess which product your opponent has got.


The 24 products are fictional characters and function as examples of how (meta)data can be combined to create. These products are used in several elements in The Attention Fair.

exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2018

exhibition at Innovate Festival 2018